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Holy Eucharist & Sunday School 10am

The Episcopal Church in the City of Euclid

A prayer for summer

That the lengthening of days might enlighten us with hope and endurance;
but that their hours might not be relentless;

That there be time for Sabbath rest, cool evenings and morning to consider God’s constant renewal of creation;
and that we might consider renewing it, too;

That the warmth of God’s season (all are God’s seasons) will coax our hearts to unfurl, with beautiful results;

That we will not succumb to scorching or drought, being watered by the living streams of Christ’s love;

That we might follow the fireflies in their glorious worship of the Creator, sparking joy in children and enlivening the world around us
(but that we might never be imprisoned in glass jars);

That we may sigh over the great water, in tune with God’s Spirit sighing over the deep;

That in summer, we might see God: